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Goal card; The direct ticket to your subconscious

Series: Brain, Mind and your Potential

Goal Card

As students, you are still in the phase of warming up for the real race and thus, your goals tend to be singular rather than plural. Let us elaborate.

If you are a student who is aiming a bit higher and wanna study in the world’s number one university, you are all about getting through the university entrance exam with flying colours. Or else if you are a medical student, you’re all about being a doctor etc. Hence right now as a student, you have a single goal.

And that is just the most helpful thing to carry out the technique we are gonna share with you today; having a goal card. For a dreamer who is in pursuit for THE dream, your ONE & ONLY, this is one of the most powerful motivational tools, you’ll ever gonna come across.
Let’s see what’s really all the pep talk about.

Goal Card introduction

What is a goal card?

It is simply a pocket or a wallet sized card, on which you write THE goal and carry it with you whenever, wherever you are are. As we all know human mind is all about goal striving and chases goals once they are delivered to it with the right dose of conviction and focus. Here’s where you can put the goal card into work, because it is all about keeping you focused on your ONE & ONLY life goal.

Goal Card Front

How to create a Goal Card

Take a cardboard or any hard paper of a light colour and on one side write the specifics about your goal. It should look something similar to the one below:
“My goal is to become an astrophysicist in NASA, and I see me working in their Quantum Chemistry Laboratory by January 2027, together with Tim Lee, Xinchuan Huang and Partha Bera, unravelling mysteries of molecular aspects of the vast universe.”

(FYI: Tim Lee, Xinchuan Huang and Partha Bera are the world renowned astrophysiscists, who are the current members of the facility)

On the other side write:

This is only an example. You can write your own goal card, in the unique and personal manner, that will cause a stir inside you, make you start to get on with work towards your goal. Simply saying, add that personal touch, which makes your goal, feel more real to you.

How to use a Goal Card

And another important thing you shouldn’t forget is that, you have to prepare the goal card in YOUR OWN handwriting, in order to add that personal touch .

Make few copies of your goal card and keep them in different places, where you can see them often. One must be in your pocket all the time. Select few other places where you use or go to often. It’s better to get them laminated, for the safety and durability of the cards .

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After preparing your goal cards, keep it in your pocket all the time. Read it, re-read it multiple times a day. Once you read it, feel the sensation you’d feel after achieving it, and with that exact feeling, say to yourself ‘Yes, this is true’.
There are two magic times, if you really want your subconscious mind to get any message that you want sent so badly.

  • Those few minutes, right before you fall asleep at night.
  • Those few minutes right after you get up in the morning.

To experience that magic with this technique, you can keep a goal card below your pillow all the time.

Simple yet very effective

Eventhough this technique feels so simple, don’t underestimate the power it holds, even for a second. Because this is like a straight arrow right to the heart of failure; the loss of focus and purpose over time.

So practicing this technique’s pretty easy. Isn’t it?
Then what are you waiting for? Go grab a pen and start writing your ONE & ONLY goal in life.