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How to achieve your study goals just with your imagination

Series: Brain, Mind and your Potential

Let your vivid imagination to visualize

Has a life goal you want to achieve?
Can’t wait to to get there?
Yet have no clue on how to accomplish that?

Well you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll let you in on the practical know how to just go and grab what is yours without breaking much sweat.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it

So, how to achieve goals just with your imagination

Just Picture it. Picture it in your mind . Invest your imagination in something that holds a value to your future, instead of putting it to waste by using it for useless and aimless daydreaming. It’s simple as that. Who’s there to stop you right? We already covered the part where we learned that your subconscious mind is like a baby; So ready to absorb anything you feed it and grow ACCORDINGLY. So let it wander off to your own version of future and guide it with positivity, confidence, hope and your undying desire to get there.

Your mind has a special mechanism for goal striving. Whatever the image you plant in your subconscious mind with enough conviction and emotional sentiment, will be there in full display in reality. Your mind is so full of wonders like that. That visualized image would be the only beacon of hope that holds the fort for you, motivate you and guide you, even at times you feel like you can’t go any further.

Visualize university entrance

Visualize your goal (Eg. The university entrance)

Say you wanna pass the university entrance examination with flying colours. You could visualize images like followings.

1. Your mother and farther are waiting on either side of you straining their necks as you enter your index number to the system and when your name appears on the top most position of the merit list, both your parents hug you so tightly which almost drives you to cry in joy and scream in victory.
2. You drive your car right through the main entrance of the university of your dreams and the embossed raven black letters on the golden name plate shows the name of your dream university and shines even brighter in the bright sun creating a blinding reflection

These are just few suggestions. You may use your gifted imagination and try to make it more personal, unique, emotional and sentimental to YOU. The “TOUCH OF YOU” in these images are a must to make you feel it deeper and so to find its way straight to your subconscious mind.
Remember “A picture is worth a thousand words”.So just don’t stop after saying your life goal. – Visualize it too!

Proof of visualization technique - Real world examples

Almost all the world’s top business moguls, renowned professionals, top athletes, who make you forget to breathe with their success stories, use this technique : creative visualization to attract success and victory into their lives. Wanna be like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Warren buffet, Bill gates, Steve Jobbs,Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt, Mackenzie Scott, Kamala Harris, Oprah Winfrey, Marie curie, Katherine Johnson, Maria Sharapova: You name it.

Bill Gates

Go for active visualization

You can visualize your hardwork too.
Imagine you, using Study Pal app, full of your own study sessions!
Feel the joy when you see that extra long study history on your Study Pal account.
Picture that joy you get after acing the exam.

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Feel overwhelmed and unrealistic to picture you there with the success stories?

If so let me remind you of this simple truth. They are or once were real living and breathing human beings; Aren’t/ weren’t they? They are or were. You are the same living and breathing human being walking the very earth. So what’s holding you back or who’s stopping you from getting there?
You my friend. It’s just you. So stop barricading your ownself. Sky’s the limit if you let go of these self-imposed limitations.
So go ahead visualize it with all the imagination you’ve got and brace yourself to experience it in reality. Well, Now we’ll skip to the practical: Practicing creative visualization. Ready?

Visualize your goals clearly

How to practice creative visualization

Calm your busy thoughts and get relaxed a bit. It’d be better to go for quiet and free surroundings at first, until you get better at creating these mental images and call them out at your command anytime even under really stressful times and places.

Go there, take few deep breaths and close your eyes. Visualize the future in which you being busy in creating more and more success at whatever it is you wish to be successful at. Make the image more vivid with your favourite senses like colours, aromas, loved ones and whatever that make you feel like you are on the top of the world. Try to make it clear, specific and unique as much as possible. Feel it as if you are the only person who can turn this mental image into reality. This will give you the confidence to create anything you want without feeling them as unrealistic or impossible . Feel that rush building inside you and make the image more real? Try to nourish that rush, excitement until you feel it physically. Plaster that very genuine million dollar smile on your face. Forget about everything else and give in to the mental image as it is the reality you are living in right now.
Stay with the image until you feel fulfilled with the image. Then open your eyes feeling happy about what you saw in your mind just now. Never cease to believe that you CAN get there.

Remember nobody from the outside is barricading your own success. If you let go all of this self-doubt your limit is the sky. So start visualizing that life goal of yours, backed up with enough” WHYs” today itself. Carry the rush feeling you get when you visualize that image with you always. So that, the impact it creates in your mind will make it easier to convey that image into the sleeping giant: your subconscious mind and gives you results in express mail.