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Vision chart - All your life goals in a single space

Series: Brain, Mind and your Potential

What is a vision chart?

This is the next step after the creative visualization: you drawing and colouring images of your life goals on your mind canvas.

In a vision chart, instead of just having those images inside your own mind, such images which represents your life goals are physically displayed .

You can easily find such pictures from newspapers, magazines, internet etc. Then you can paste those pictures on a chart paper and display the vision chart on a wall or somewhere you get to see it often. This frequent view would again help to send the life goal message into your subconscious mind, making the results faster.

Draw your vision

You can use a wall to build your vision chart

Most important elements of a vision chart: Images & Affirmations

There are 2 main things that should appear on a vision chart; images and ‘I AM’ affirmation. The combination of these two things will create a powerful vision chart.
You can use your imagination and make your own unique and personal vision chart.

As an example if you wish to be the class topper this time, you can find the mark sheet of the previous class topper and then do the necessary text changes with the names, dates etc., to make that mark sheet look like yours. You can use this as your vision chart and just because it looks very much like the original thing, this can be a real help when you seek motivation to achieve your life goal.

And if your life goal is to get a white collar job with a real good paycheque, then you can get a photocopy of a blank cheque, make it look authentic as much as possible and fill in your name and the sum of money you dream to earn and display it on a place where you can see it frequenly.It will be a creative and influential vision chart for you when you lack motivation and other support is also seem to be missing.

Go for active visualization

You can visualize your hard work too.
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Story of Jim Carrey

Have you heard the success story of the famous American actor Jim Carrey. In 1987, when he was still pursuing his acting career, he had written a cheque of 10 million dollars to himself. He wrote ‘Thanksgiving 1995’ on the envelope and had written , ‘for acting services rendered’ too. That was the vision chart, he created and kept until 1994, which was the year that he received a cheque of 10 million dollars for his role in ‘Dumb and Dumber’!

So vision chart is another technique which helps you setting up your study base. What are you waiting for? Go get busy with your own vision chart, for quick and assured results.

Jim Carrey