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The must for motivation to study: Figure out your WHY?

Series: Setting up the Study Base

Motivation is the key

The must for motivation to study:
Figure out your WHY?
Got to keep yourself focused on studying subject matter that you actually hate?
Got to stay without slacking during times of studying such and making sure that you’re on track with deadlines and schedules.

Above may be the key hurdles you meet on the pursuit to harvest the sweet fruits of education. At such times what keeps you going is MOTIVATON.

Lacking the motivation? Well it seems like you’ve lost the battle half way right at the beginning. Now don’t worry.This is a common case among so many students. They start their studies with a beginner’s enthusiasm, but over time gradually loose the motivation to carry on.

Motivation in you

Why do I lacking motivation to study?

if you are a student feeling less motivated to study , the root cause is you not having sufficient WHYs to back up your hard work. Have you ever given any thought to your “WHY”? Well, now would be the high time.

  • Do you often feel less motivated to study?
  • Do you feel like you’re forcing studies without any enthusiasm?
  • Do you often look for outside forces to keep you motivated to study?
  • Do you often give in to distractions of outside environment?

If YES to all, it’s probably because you forgot to feed your brain with the sufficient WHYs to back up your effort.

Your purpose of studying

Simply put, our minds are designed to be driven by purpose.When the mind knows the specifics behind the need to do something, it allows you to focus better and guide you to achieve that goal by taking actions. And in order for it to be a specific goal, it is a must for you to have answers to the important question: Why do you want the goal achieved?

I want to be rich

Money: I want to be rich

This is simply a key force that drives humans. The desire for a secure financial status keeps you in action without loosing the sight of your goal.

How to tap into this force: Simply imagine your paycheck once you achieve your goal that you are currently in pursuit for. Realize that the only gap that’s needed to be closed between you and that fabulous pay check is the goal that you must achieve.

I am afraid of loosing

Fear: I am afraid of loosing

Another major force that drives us, humans is fear. We simply fear failure and the criticism stems from it. Since we are terrified of a negative result, we tend to run towards the opposite direction with all the strength we got.

How to tap into this force: Imagine failure. What would it make you feel if you failed the exam? How would you stand to face your closed ones who hoped for the best from you and the critizising society who will look down upon you for the rest of your life after branding you as another case of failure in the sea of failures? Keep that picture of fear in your mind and this will motivate you to pursue your goal with much conviction.

I want to be successful

success: I want to be successful

The desire to be a success is the root cause for motivation. If you are extremely hungry for it and simply can’t keep going without it to the level similar to breathing – you will get there. How to tap into this force: Imagine Success. what a joy you’d feel if you passed the exam with flying colours and was able to secure the rank that you always targeted for? Try to imagine that fulfilling sense of achievement.

Okay let’s get int o actions RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE. READY?

Think hard and fill in the blanks and feel the immediate shift in your motivation and focus.

My Goal is to ________________ and ____________________.

Below, Identify your WHYs.

  • 1. I aim for _________ primarily because _________.
  • 2. The next reason why I want to succeed is _________.
  • 3. The next reason why I want to succeed is _________.

Re read your ‘why’ whenever you feel less motivated. Just remember loosing the motivation and failing will be you, yourself postponing all the above luxuries in your life.

So keep these WHYs in your mind and study hard because all those luxuries waiting just for you…. So go grab what’s yours. Start RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.

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