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Go with the can-do attitude

Series: Setting up the Study Base

The foundation of your mindset: I am

The so called ‘Mindset’ is the arbiter in the game called life . Mindset can be defined as the combination of true beliefs at the subconscious level. Mindset starts with two magic words :‘I AM’. Did you know that the giants in psychology has revealed that first person ‘I AM’ affirmation is by far the most effective method ever known, to program your own subconscious mind? It is ...

Can do atitude

What negative affirmations do

And even though you are aware or not, you practice self-affirmation daily. These affirmations can be either positive or negative. Let’s keep the positive affirmations aside for a moment. Negative affirmations sound like these: ‘I am a failure’. , ‘I am so ordinary’, ‘I am cursed’‘, “I am so bad at studies” and etc. But what you didn’t know is that when you say it in your mind over and over again, you willingly open a portal where you have to say good bye to the positives, allowing these negatives to become engraved into your personality. The more negative your affirmations become, they make it harder to get rid of them.

I am + negativity drains you

The great scientist Albert Einstein once said ‘Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the insanity’.

Most of the students tend to pollute their mindset with negative ‘I AM’ affirmations and wait for a positive outcome.It is crucial for all the students to understand that whatever you attach to your’ I AM ‘affimations, you give them the right to become a part of who you are. See the grave danger you are so freely inviting into you on a daily basis?

Still think you can afford to invite that negativity? Absolutely not. While keeping new negative affirmations at the bay, you also have to amend the damage caused by the ones you practiced so far.

Positive affirmations

How to transform your life magically

Feeling drained? There’s absolutely no need. Here I come bearing good news! All these ‘I AMs’ are under your own control, thus make sure that you always go for the positive ‘I AMs’ and by doing that, feel the magical transformation in your life.
Always go for positive affirmations such as ‘I am a success’, ‘I am special’, ‘I am worthy’, ‘I am really good at studies’, and
finally tell yourself , ‘I am ______________ (your future goal) Experience the mighty power of this practice.

Listen, write and affirm your ‘I AMs’. start it right now and be the winner of the game called life.

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