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How to keep goals when studying

Series: Setting up the Study Base

Keep your goals ready

With backing up your goals with enough ‘WHYs’ , now you’ve got yourself a very specific and crystal clear set of goals. With automatic mind programming technique, you may’ve started carving your goals deeper and deeper in to the sleeping giant inside you; Your own subconscious mind.

We know by now that you are already on your arduous quest to extract the sweet fruits of education, which is pretty much the only route for you right now as a student, which leads you to victory. Otherwise there’s no way you are interested in this article series, which is all about letting you in on practical know how to achieve your life goals.

Keep your goals ready

Goals in to action - The very first step

So let us tell you another something that’ll empower you further more, motivate you and never let you lose sight of your precious life goals. Say your life goal is to earn a degree in astro physics and become one of the renowned and elite group of astro physicists in NASA. Well, may be you see this as a goal a bit out of your league. Do you? If the answer is YES, then my friend, let me tell you something you missed. If everybody thought so how is there a renowned and elite group of astrophysicists in NASA working around the clock, unravelling mysteries of the endless universe as we speak? Got the missed point? I’m sure you did. If that is your life goal, what you have to do is simply see yourself already there, getting yourself busy with tapping in to secrets in galaxies, planets, stars, black holes, asteroids, you name it, in your mind. Who can stop you right?

Write your goals

Have your goal in writing

But this technique doesn’t stop there. You have to have your goal in writing. As an example when you write your name, insert all the fabuluous titles like “Prof.”, “Dr.”, which are gonna appear on the golden name plate infront of the laboratoty that is dedicated for your research work at NASA.

Get the help of your subconscious mind to achieve goals

Even though we call the subconscious mind a sleeping giant because of the unimaginable potential it holds within, until it reaches that, it is more like a baby, who absorbs everything we decide to feed it and grow accordingly. So you have to be extremely cautious about what you feed it. Feed it positivity, motivation and self-confidence it might do absolute wonders. Feed it negativity, demotivation and self-doubt, it might unleash a dark force which drives you to utter destruction and hopelessness.

So imagining that you are already the person who you want to be so badly, and evenmore getting the subconscious mind to feel it more by having it in writing, will be an absolute game changer. Being the baby, who’s still growing and absorbing everything you feed it, it might think that you are already there so you are not forcing anything from outside of you. You already are the person you wanted to become. And if so why not just go ahead and declare it?

The effect of having something in writing is multifold. In doing this, you involve many of your senses and that creates a huge impact. Thus when you write those titles in front of your name, you use your imagination to make that mental image vivid, detailed and fabulous, you use your hands to write it and your eyes keep watching it. More the senses involved, the bigger the impact of the affirmation is.

So now in addition to listening to your affirmations in recording during your free time, add this writing part too to make it even better.

Use your imagination and add details to your goals

To make the goal more feel real, hear are few things you can do when you practice the writing technique.

  • Write the list of names of the elite astrophysicists who are currently working in NASA and include your name in the list as well.
  • Write your name with all the titles you are gonna have printed on your name tag, hanging on your white coat with the emblem of NASA printed on it.
  • Write the list of names of the elite astrophysicists who won various prizes for their outstanding work and include your name in the list as well.

Detail your goals with your imaginaion

These are only few suggestions. Make it bigger, more clear with the unique touch of YOU in it.
Use your vivd imagination and time that go to waste in vain and do this.
Nourish the little baby within you with positivity, hope and confidence, until it grows to the giant who wake up and move the world at your own command.
Start Today. As we always tell you RIGHT NOW. RIGHT HERE.

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