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Your best friend is you

Series: Setting up the Study Base

With whom do you spend, most of your time?

With whom do you spend the majority of your time? Is it with your family, friends, or a special someone? Well, to be frank the answer is… you. You spend the majority of your time with you yourself! As a student,who is still has a lot to achieve and really at the warm up stage for the race , it is crucial for you to have a very positive thus healthy talk with your ownself. Simply put you must be friend your mind.

Your best friend is your mind

Why to be friend with Mind?

There are two good reasons for that.

1. As exams are nearing, you’ll find yourself feeling a heavy pressure; a psychological stress, which is the case for almost everyone, despite the different levels of feeling or different modes of displaying it. As we all know fully well, the last few weeks or days right before exams are critically important and unfortunately this is also the time you tend to develop self-doubt due to the pressure and stress you feel . Sometimes it grows like a cancer and hampers the productivity,leads to demotivation and affects the rhythm you maintain as student on those critical days. To avoid this very unfortunate turn of events, It’s extremely important that you carry out that positive and friendly conversation with you, yourself especially in such critical times.

2. Say you failed a certain exam you were supposed to do better at. This sends a negative shock wave throughout your brain making you label your own self as a ‘failure for life’ and tend to make you loose the self confidence. Thus you loose your natural rhythm of life, the ability to focus and the drive to start preparing for the next exam. In order to prevent things spiralling out of control like this and lead you to such a hopeless misery, you must ensure a positive and friendly mental status in you to create the platform to start the positive self talk.

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What negative affirmations do

And even though you are aware or not, you practice self-affirmation daily. These affirmations can be either positive or negative. Let’s keep the positive affirmations aside for a moment. Negative affirmations sound like these: ‘I am a failure’. , ‘I am so ordinary’, ‘I am cursed’‘, “I am so bad at studies” and etc. But what you didn’t know is that when you say it in your mind over and over again, you willingly open a portal where you have to say good bye to the positives, allowing these negatives to become engraved into your personality. The more negative your affirmations become, they make it harder to get rid of them.

Absolute DON'Ts for a self-talk

Following are the absolute DON’Ts for a self-talk , yet most students do especially during the crucial period before the exam or right after having a disappointing result for an exam you sat for.

  • I am an absolute failure
  • It is a very difficult subject
  • I can’t memorize anything right now
  • There’s no escape from failure this time
  • I just can’t focus, no matter how much I try
  • I don’t have the slightest memory on what I studied yesterday
  • This is hopeless

Even without you being negative yourself ,there is an ample dose of negativity coming your way from the outside environment including family, relatives, friends, teachers etc. Instead build up a positive, friendly and thus extremely healthy self talk with your ownself.

Absolute DOs for a self-talk

Following are the absolute DOs for a self-talk , yet most students never do.

Negative self-talk
  • I can do it all
  • My capacities are just beyond
  • My brain absorbs anything I study
  • I simply wow at my super focus
  • Nothing’s out there to stop me from winning this time

Ready to have that life changing self talk?

Here’s what you’ve got to do. Take this very seriously though.

Go and stand in front of a mirror, spend 2 minutes there and have that heart to heart talk with yourself. Talk to yourself nourishing your own self with positivity, motivation and self-love . Make sure you tell yourself that you can do it all, you are doing extra fine and you will definitely excel at the exam.
Assure and reassure yourself that you are right on schedule for study preparations and make sure you stay out of anyone who creates breeding grounds for negativity, which may cause all your efforts so far, go to waste just because you listened to them.

Want to a know a secret?

Most of the people who we label as success stories such as top athletes, business tycoons, renowned professionals etc. practice this positive and healthy self-talk all the time with or without them knowing and chase away the negativity, even before they ever start coming on their way. And simply look at how far the’ve come from the almost typical dark base, from which they had to build everything from scratch, just with the right dose of positivity, self-motivation, courage and loads of self-love which stemmed from within and deliverd to their own selves.

Positive self-talk

Practise just this with positivity

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